Press Releases

Synaptics integrates Mixel MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo and MIPI DSI-2 Host Controller IP into its VXR7200  IC, DisplayPort to Dual MIPI VR Bridge IC. Synaptics achieved first-time silicon success and is now going to production. Mixel and Synaptics detail their solution in a co-presentation titled “Dual Mode C-PHY/D-PHY Use in VR Display IC at the MIPI DevCon Seoul 2019

GEO deploys Mixel’s MIPI solution in the world’s first edge based automotive Smart Viewing camera processor and achieves first time silicon success. The GW5 product deployed Mixel’s complete MIPI D-PHYSM and controller solution in a 28nm process node. This is the third generation of GEO products successfully incorporating the Mixel MIPI IP in GEO flagship ICs, with the first time being GEO’s 40nm GW3 product line

Mixel’s MIPI C-PHY/D-PHY Combo IP is silicon-proven in 40nm and 55nm process nodes, available in 28nm, and is going into high-volume production. The MIPI C-PHY/MIPI D-PHY combo supports the MIPI Camera Serial Interface (CSI) and MIPI Display Serial Interface (DSI).

Mixel’s complete MIPI® solution has been successfully integrated into Lattice Semiconductor’s CrossLink solution. This solution, which is now going into production, integrates Mixel’s high performance, low power Universal MIPI D-PHY℠, implemented in UMC’s 40nm process.

Anapass, Inc. achieves first time success with Mixel’s complete MIPI® solution, and ramping up volume production with its end customer. Anapass, Inc. (Seoul, South Korea), a leading supplier of display processors, has successfully integrated Mixel’s complete MIPI IP solution into its recently announced ANA38401, a display panel timing controller (TCON).

Mixel® Achieves First-Time Silicon Success with MIPI® D-PHY RX+ Configuration. The IP is silicon proven in 40nm and 28nm process nodes and is going into high-volume production. The MIPI® D-PHY RX+ is optimized for reduced area and power, while achieving full-speed production and in-system testing.

Kopin® Corporation, a leading developer of innovative wearable computing technologies and solutions, has successfully incorporated Mixel’s complete MIPI® solution into its recently announced A914 product. This solution includes Mixel’s high-performance, low-power Rx D-PHY℠ and Northwest Logic’s full-featured, small-size CSI-2 Rx Controller Core.

GEO Semiconductor Inc. (GEO), a semiconductor company specializing in camera and projection solutions, and inventor of the eWARP® geometric processing technology, has licensed multiple Mixel MIPI®IP, successfully incorporated the IP into its innovative product, and is moving forward to volume production. Mixel provided GEO with MIPI D-PHY solution in 40nm process node, and GEO achieved first time success.

Nufront, a leader in Chinese mobile communication and computing, and Shenzhen Yunyinggu Technology Co. Ltd. (YYG), an innovative Chinese high-tech company with focus on next-generation display technology, have both licensed multiple Mixel MIPI® IP, successfully incorporated the IP into their products, and are at various stages of high volume production.

GDA and Mixel announced the availability of a complete solution for MIPI® supporting M-PHY Universal Flash Storage (UFS) use-case. This joint solution consists of the Mixel MIPI M-PHY (Physical Layer) and the GDA MIPI Unipro℠ and UFS Cores delivered as silicon IP. The complete MIPI solution will enable both Mixel and GDA Technologies to provide their customers with a comprehensive extensively featured solution.

Kawasaki Microelectronics achieves first-time silicon success with Mixel’s silicon-proven MIPI® and MIPI/LVDS unified solutions and is deploying the IP in multiple Integrated Circuits (IC). Mixel provided K-Micro with a complete MIPI solution including PHY and Controller. K-Micro licensed both the MIPI only PHY (MXL-D-PHY-DSI-RX) and MIPI/LVDS combo PHY (MXL-MIPI-LVDS-RX).

Graphin and Mixel demonstrated the world’s FIRST end-to-end video transmission over a MIPI® M-PHY Link using Mixel’s “Golden M-PHY IC”. This was one of seven different demos that Mixel had at the MIPI Alliance F2F meeting in Seoul, Korea. The Demos incorporated Mixel’s D-PHY CSI, D-PHY DSI, and M-PHY products in multiple platforms, with a number of its Mixel’s MIPI Central partners.

ECT achieves first-time silicon success with five different Mixel MIPI products optimized for its world’s first full HD stereoscopic chips capable of creating exceptionally comfortable & realistic 3D image & supporting auto-convergence, employing MIPI interface technology. Mixel is to demonstrate the interface MIPI IP, during the MIPI Alliance Face-to-Face meeting in Seoul, Korea, on March 13th.

Mixel’s Interface Technology Deployed in the World’s FIRST Wide Viewing Glasses-free 3D Laptop. SuperD was able achieve 1st time silicon success, commercialize the technology, and achieve a design win in Toshiba’s Qosmio line of products, all in record time. Mixel to demonste the SerDes IP, integrated into the final 3D product at DesignCon 2012, January 31st to February 1st, at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

Mixel® Inc., announced today that it has achieved first time success with its MIPI® M-PHY℠ IP test chip silicon, and demos the M-PHY platform in MIPI meeting in Copenhagen. Mixel’s M-PHY IP supports both TYPE I and TYPE II operation, A and B data rates, and all current and future MIPI M-PHY use-cases. The IP supports the recently released 1.0 version of the M-PHY specifications.

Mixel® spearheads a MIPI Ecosystem Partnership, including representatives of MIPI IP, analog and digital, Verification IP, suppliers of measurement equipment, MIPI measurement service providers, and MIPI production test equipment manufacturers. The partnerships that Mixel has developed within the MIPI ecosystem provide the customer with one stop shopping for MIPI product development.

Mixel® Inc. and Northwest Logic announced the availability of their unified MIPI&rerg; platform, incorporating the Mixel MIPI D-PHY (Physical Layer) and the Northwest Logic MIPI CSI-2 and DSI Controllers. The platform consists of Mixel’s MIPI Interface Card, an off-the-shelf FPGA board, third-party MIPI camera and displays, and a complete MIPI reference design, including MIPI Controller Cores from Northwest Logic.

Mixel® Inc., announced today that it continues to gain traction with its MIPI M-PHY℠ offering by adding one more licensee to its growing list of MIPI PHY customers. Mixel’s M-PHY IP supports TYPE I and TYPE II operation, A and B data rates, and all current MIPI M-PHY use-cases, such as DigRF v4, Unipro 1.4, CSI-3, LLI, and UFS.

Mixel Inc., announced today that ROHM Co., Ltd, a multi-billion dollar Global company, and a leader in mobile phone semiconductor devices, has licensed and integrated Mixel’s Unified MIPI/MDDI PHY IP, the first and only available, unified MIPI/MDDI PHY IP solution.

In its continuous effort to support the MIPI® ecosystem, Mixel works with LeCroy in its recent comprehensive testing solutions for the mobile phone industry specifically targeted to MIPI standards.

Tektronix, Inc. the world’s leading manufacturer of oscilloscopes, announced today continued expansion of its support for MIPI® Standards with the development of its One-Button MIPI D-PHY Conformance Test using Mixel’s silicon-proven D-PHY.

Mixel® announced today that Viimagic GmbH, a Thomson spin-off, has licensed Mixel’s LVDS Serializer IP. The IP was successfully integrated by Viimagic, which continues high-tech development of high definition CMOS image sensors from Thomson. The LVDS Serializer is a high-performance source synchronous programmable LVDS quad serializer with an aggregate bandwidth of 5Gbps.

Mixel® Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal IP (Intellectual Property) announced today that Canesta is using Mixel’s MIPI D-PHY. Canesta is the inventor of revolutionary, low cost electronic perception technology and leading provider of single chip CMOS 3-D sensors that fundamentally change the relationship between devices and their users.

Mixel® Inc., the leader in mobile mixed-signal Intellectual Property (IP), and Graphin Co., Ltd., a rapidly emerging leader for image sensor evaluation suites, today announced that Graphin™ will license the Mixel M-PHY IP and that the two companies will collaborate to produce a “Golden M-PHY” IC to be used in Graphin’s evaluation systems.

Mixel® Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal IP, announced today the availability of the first MIPI/MDDI unified PHY IP solution. The IP combines a MIPI D-PHY compliant with revision 1.0 of the MIPI standard, with an MDDI-PHY compliant with revision 1.2 of the MDDI standard.

Mixel Inc. announced today that it is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Mixel, incorporated in 1999, has steadily expanded its customer base and product offerings over the past ten years. Mixel is privately held and has been consistently profitable since its inception. Even during the current downturn, Mixel continues to experience growth and a strong demand for its mixed-signal IP products.

Mixel Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal IPs, and QuickLogic® Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK), the premier supplier of ultra-low power customizable solutions for the mobile market, announced today that the companies have embedded Mixel’s MDDI PHY into QuickLogic’s MDDI PSB. This PSB, along with QuickLogic’s 2nd generation Visual Enhancement Engine (VEE) will be included in the newly announced ArcticLink II VX4 solution platform family.

Mixel Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal IPs, and Northwest Logic Inc., a leading provider of high-performance digital IP Cores, today announced the availability of a complete solution for the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Camera Serial Interface-2 (CSI-2). This solution consists of the Mixel MIPI D-PHY (Physical Layer) and the Northwest Logic MIPI CSI-2 Controller Core delivered as silicon Intellectual Property (IP).

Mixel Inc., the leading provider of mobile Mixed-Signal IPs, today announced that CMD California Devices is using its MXL-D-PHY Transceiver IP in the (CMD) CM5160 chip. The D-PHY is the physical layer of the Display Serial Interface (DSI), Camera Serial Interface (CSI), and UniPro™; all interface standards for mobile devices developed by the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance.

Mixel Inc. today announced a Silicon Intellectual Property Partnership with Faraday Technology Corporation. Mixel is licensing its high performance LVDS De-Serializer transceiver IP to Faraday. This is intended to be the first of many IP development collaboration between Faraday and Mixel.

Mixel Inc. today announced availability of the MXL-PHY-MIPI, a MIPI (Mobile Industry Peripheral Interface) standard D-PHY virtual component Intellectual Property (IP). The IP is a MIPI standard revision 0.90 compliant D-PHY allowing bidirectional transfer of video and control data between the host processor and display or camera module. The MXL-PHY-MIPI includes both the Analog and Digital D-PHY blocks.

Mixel announces two new PLLs featuring higher performance, reduced power, cost and die area at the 2007 FSA Expo and Conference. The high performance Spread Spectrum solution offers lower integration cost at smaller die area, and the high precision PLL offers higher output frequency granularity, while maintaining 50% duty cycle at lower power for even and odd output divisors.

Mixel Inc. today announced the availability of its MXL-SRDS-4254’s extensive characterization report. The MXL-SRDS-4254 is a high performance quad SerDes IP with the highest programmability available on the market. This low jitter, low power IP has four channels, each running at 1 to 4.25 Gbps. The IP is silicon-proven in TSMC and Chartered 130nm process technologies.

Mixel Inc. today announced a Silicon Intellectual Property Partnership with Key ASIC, Inc. of Santa Clara, CA. Mixel is licensing Interface Transceivers, Serializer/Deserializer, and Analog IPs to Key ASIC. Key ASIC is making these IPs available to its customers. The IPs have been fabricated using Silterra’s 0.18 micron and 0.13u CMOS processes and silicon validation reports are now available.

Mixel Inc. today announced availability of MXL-TXRX-MDDI, a Mobile Display Digital Interface (MDDI) Transceiver virtual component Intellectual Property (IP). The IP is a VESA compliant client transceiver allowing bidirectional transfer of video, audio and control signals between the host processor and display terminal. The MXL-TXRX-MDDI is designed in TSMC 0.18um low power digital CMOS technology and is silicon-proven.

MIXEL Introduces Transceiver Library In 0.18 um Process. The library includes DDR2, SSTL18, HSTL, CE ATA, Universal CARDBus, and Parallel ATA transceivers

MIXEL Analog Building Blocks Library Now Available. The library includes an Ultra low-power low voltage detector and Power-On-Reset, Buffered Band-gap Reference and reference current generator, Bandgap reference block operating on a 1.2V power supply, and Analog MUX

MIXEL Announces the Availability of its 4.25 Gbps, Silicon Proven, Low Power, and Highly Programmable Quad SerDes. The MXL4254 has the most programmable features available on the Market to-date. It has been silicon proven in both TSMC 0.13 um and Chartered 0.13 um processes

MIXEL announces the availability of its 2.5 Gbps Silicon Proven SerDes. The MXL2500 is a highly programmable, low power single channel SerDes implemented in 0.18 um and targeted for a wide range of applications.

MIXEL Ultra Low Power 10 bit A/D Introduced. The low power ADC is tailored for portable applications that require extreme low power dissipation, such as cellular phones, digital cameras, and sensors.