During the early phase of your product definition, we are ready to work with you to help define the interface between the various parts of your system and our IP cores. Our analog and mixed-signal design experts draw on many decades of experience when working closely with your engineering team to come up with the optimum solution for your unique requirements.

Once both parties agree to the business terms, we spring to action, to meet your schedule and exceed your expectations. We deliver to you the various models of the IP cores that you are licensing in a timely manner so that you can proceed to the integration phase smoothly, and be able to meet your commitments to your own customers. The outstanding Integration support we provide you when you license Mixel’s IP cores is included in the license fee and is available at no additional cost.

During the integration phase, we will assign one of Mixel’s expert engineers to your project to collaborate with your own team on the final steps toward product launch. During that phase, Mixel customer support team becomes an extension of your own engineering organization, answering all of your questions and guiding you through the integration of our IP cores into your semiconductor products.

We, here at Mixel, are available to customize any of our IP cores to meet your unique requirements, and help further differentiate your products.

We offer several licensing options and various levels of support, depending on your individual needs. Although all IP licenses include initial customer support, additional support options are available to you to meet your unique requirements.

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Contact us during any phase of product development to receive a prompt reply and configuration recommendations from one of our experts.