Customers’ Perspective




We needed a high quality MIPI IP that worked the first time. Mixel’s differentiated solution, wide coverage of nodes and track record of success made our IP provider selection quite easy. Mixel’s IP quality and support throughout the development phase were outstanding. We look forward to future collaboration with Mixel.

Sheethal Nayak
Sr. Director of Engineering, Microsoft / PR Sep 2019

Teledyne e2v

Mixel’s silicon-proven MIPI IP portfolio, wide coverage of process nodes, and outstanding IP metrics were important factors in our selection process. Our partnership with Mixel enabled us to achieve first-time silicon success and go into production with two different products in record time. Mixel’s support during the integration phase was excellent and the bring-up went so smoothly we hardly needed any further support from Mixel.

Gareth Powell
Marketing Manager, Teledyne e2v / PR May 2019


Mixel differentiated MIPI IP offering along with their leadership position in the MIPI IP market, played a key role during the selection of our MIPI IP provider. We were not only impressed with Mixel’s unique MIPI solution, but also with the outstanding support throughout the product development and bring-up phases. We’re looking forward to a long-term collaboration with Mixel.

Jeff Lukanc
Senior Director of Interface Solutions, Synaptics / PR Oct 2018


After extensive evaluation of competitive MIPI D-PHY solutions at 28nm, GEO decided to use the Mixel MIPI solution, because of Mixel's excellent IP metrics and the great experience we have had with Mixel at 40nm. The support Mixel provided throughout the engagement was outstanding. We are looking forward to continuing a successful partnership with Mixel in our next generation of products.

Kent Goodin
VP Engineering, GEO / PR Sep 2018

Lattice Semiconductor

In our market segment, ultra low power and a small footprint are critically important. After our in-depth evaluation, we chose Mixel as our MIPI IP provider because its mature solution met our stringent requirements. Mixel has been a valuable partner to us and we’re looking forward to continued collaboration. Their support from project start to manufacturing transfer has been world-class.

Sherif Sweha
VP of Research and Development, Lattice Semiconductor / PR Sep 2016


To succeed in Anapass's competitive market segment, our product has to be best-in-class. To achieve this, all the IP that we integrate into our product need to meet that same standard. We selected Mixel to be our MIPI supplier because of their differentiated MIPI solution and their silicon-proven track-record. We found Mixel's support to be outstanding. The Mixel team consistently went out of their way to support us throughout the development cycle and continues to support us as we go through production ramp-up.

Dr. CG Kim
VP of Engineering, Anapass / PR Oct 2015


As we push the envelope with our state-of-the-art products in a market segment that is rapidly evolving, we have selected a MIPI IP provider that could enable us to achieve the first-time silicon success. Minimizing power and area are of paramount importance in our products. The Mixel team delivered the IPs under a tight schedule and provided us with outstanding product and customer support.

Dr. Hong Choi
Chief Technology Officer, Kopin / PR Sep 2014


Mixel IP metrics and their leadership in MIPI IP were keys to selecting Mixel as our MIPI IP provider. The Mixel team has consistently demonstrated their dedication to our success by going the extra mile every step of the way. We are looking forward to continued collaboration with Mixel.

Mike Hopton
VP Operations & GM, GEO / PR Oct 2013


Mixel has provided us with an outstanding support on our first generation product, and they were able to rapidly deliver their MIPI solution to meet our tight time-to-market requirements. Because of this exceptional support on our first product, we decided to work with Mixel again on our second generation product, this time at a more advanced node, and a different foundry. We are delighted that Mixel and NWL have been able to customize their IP with added features that will help us differentiate our display solution and win a larger share of our target market.

Yan Lin
VP of Engineering, YYG / PR Jul 2013


We selected Mixel because of their proven-track record in the MIPI market-place and their silicon-proven technology. Achieving first-silicon success at multiple nodes enabled us to rapidly move to production, and have our product designed-in by multiple Nufront customers. The close partnership we have developed with Mixel has proven to be an asset to Nufront as we port our products to multiple foundries.

Director of IC Development
Min Luo, Nufront / PR Jul 2013

GDA Technologies

We have achieved multiple first-silicon successes with Mixel's MIPI PHY, while supporting our mutual customers. We are looking forward to taking this collaboration to the next level with the second-generation MIPI high-speed interfaces, a market segment that is showing rapid growth.

Dr. Keshab Panda
Chairman, GDA Technologies / PR Jun 2013


Mixel's leadership position in the MIPI IP markets influenced our decision. The first-silicon success and the outstanding support that we have received during multiple tape-outs validated our choice to select Mixel. We're looking forward to a long-term collaboration with both companies.

Y. Yamamoto
Sr. Mgr. of Marketing & Strategic Planning Department, K-micro now Megachips / PR Sep 2012


We considered many options before choosing Mixel as our M-PHY partner. Mixel’s mobile mixed-signal IP leadership and silicon-proven technology were critical factors in our decision. We are confident that this effort will play a key role in accelerating the adoption of MIPI as the next generation mobile interface, and will help Graphin and Mixel to further cement our leadership positions.

President, Graphin / PR Mar 2012


Mixel's MIPI IP's excellent metrics, outstanding support, and track record were critical factors that simplified our IP vendor selection process. Mixel was able to support our pre-silicon proof-of-concept demo with their readily available MIPI platform. That was crucial in winning our end-customer's business. First-time silicon success will enable us to go to production quickly and win a larger share of the emerging 3-D market. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Mixel.

Sung Moon Chun
General Manager, ECT now SCHIPs / PR Mar 2012


By combining Mixel's differentiated SerDes technology, SuperD was able to deploy its ground breaking 3D technology to end customers with such an innovative product solution in record time. Mixel provided us with prompt and exceptional support though all phases of the project, from pre-sale, integration, pre-silicon verification, silicon evaluation, and finally through transfer to production.

Silent Liu
VP of Engineering, SuperD / PR Dec 2011

ROHM Japan

Mixel did not only characterize the IP after integration in our silicon, but also accommodated our request to train our engineers so that we can do our own testing. This is proving to be extremely valuable as we go through product qualification. Mixel, time and again, went the extra mile to provide ROHM a differentiated product and outstanding support. Mixel's leadership in the Mobile PHY market is an important asset for our future product lineup.

Keitaro Ado
Manager of the Display Driver Development Team, ROHM Japan / PR Sep 2010


After considering all our options, it was clear that Mixel provided the most compelling LVDS SerDes solution, combining low power, programmability and low risk. From the evaluation board that Mixel provided for our pre-silicon evaluation, the SerDes subsystem architectural recommendations, on-time GDS delivery, first-silicon success, and the comprehensive post-silicon IP characterization, to the outstanding support that Mixel has provided to us, working with Mixel has been a delightful experience. We look forward to continued cooperation with Mixel.

Rainer Schweer
CEO, Viimagic / PR May 2010


For our cutting-edge products, first-time success and aggressive schedule -- two conflicting requirements -- are both mandatory. Key to our decision to work with Mixel was its silicon-proven technology, its leadership in the MIPI PHY market, and the short schedule Mixel committed to. And then, Mixel delivered two weeks ahead of schedule.

Patrick O'Connor
Vice President of Engineering, Canesta now Microsoft / PR Feb 2010


We are excited that our collaboration with Mixel is paying off, not only for us but also for the entire MIPI Ecosystem. This milestone was achieved because of the solid cooperation between the two companies. We are looking forward to using the M-PHY chip in our own MIPI test equipment, as we move forward with Mixel to volume production.

President, Graphin / PR Feb 2010


QuickLogic's stringent requirements for low power and small footprint, and our focus on Mobile applications, make Mixel our logical choice for Mixed-signal. Mixel consistently goes above and beyond the expected, to meet our unique requirements, and thus helps further differentiate our products. We are looking forward to a continued partnership with Mixel and their outstanding Engineering team.

Brian Faith
Vice President of Marketing, QuickLogic / PR Mar 2009


As a customer of multiple Mixel products, we can attest to Mixel’s timely delivery of high quality mixed-signal IPs. We received excellent support from Mixel during the integration of the MIPI Transceiver IP. Mixel’s experience adds great value to our ongoing relationship.

Kyle Baker
Vice President of Marketing, CMD now OnSemi / PR Dec 2008


Mixel consistently goes the extra mile to meet and exceed our expectation and our customers' stringent requirements. Their outstanding IP quality, exceptional customer support, and breadth of their Mixed-signal IP Portfolio, are an important asset to us and our customers.

Joseph Hong
General Manager, Faraday / PR Mar 2008


Of the mixed-signal IP providers, we were impressed with the quality and technology of Mixel's IPs and their outstanding customer support. Key ASIC has worked with Mixel for several years now. We are quite impressed with Mixel's 1st time working-silicon track record and highly recommend them.

Alan Aronoff
Vice President of Marketing, Key ASIC / PR Mar 2007