ECT’s World’s first 3D chip supporting MIPI employs five Mixel MIPI products

Another world’s first from Mixel’s customers employing Mixel’s MIPI technology


Seoul, Korea, and San Jose, CA — (BUSINESS WIRE, March 7, 2012) – Mixel®, the leader in mobile mixed-signal intellectual property (IP), announced today that Enhanced Chip Technology (ECT), a leader in 3D chip technology, achieved first-time silicon success with Mixel MIPI® D-PHY Intellectual Property (IP) in record time. ECT integrated five different Mixel MIPI products into its ECT315H chip that are optimized for ECT’s world’s first full HD stereoscopic chip, capable of creating exceptionally comfortable and realistic 3D images, supporting auto-convergence, and employing MIPI interface technology. The five Mixel products are MXL-D-PHY-CSI-TX, MXL-D-PHY-CSI-RX, MXL-D-PHY-DSI-TX, MXL-D-PHY-DSI-RX, and MXL-PLL-MIPI.

ECT’s World’s first 3D chip supporting MIPI employs five Mixel MIPI products

“Mixel’s MIPI IP’s excellent metrics, outstanding support, and track record were critical factors that simplified our IP vendor selection process”, said Sung Moon Chun, ECT’s General Manager. “Mixel was able to support our pre-silicon proof-of-concept demo with their readily available MIPI platform. That was crucial in winning our end-customer’s business. First-time silicon success will enable us to go to production quickly and win a larger share of the emerging 3-D market. We are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Mixel,” he added.

The Mixel MIPI D-PHY IP, incorporated into the ECT chip, supports all the D-PHY use-cases, namely CSI master, CSI slave, DSI master, and DSI slave, in addition to the MIPI PLL.

Mixel has so far silicon proved its MIPI PHY in six different nodes and five different foundries. Mixel provides its customers with a complete solution, including D-PHY, controllers supporting all use cases, and MIPI platform that combines Mixel’s daughter card incorporating Mixel silicon-proven D-PHY with an off-the-shelf FPGA board that integrates both the D-PHY and controller RTL. The customer would then be able to add their own RTL to Mixel’s MIPI platform to rapidly bring up their MIPI based solution, thus saving many man-years of development and debugging time.

“This is the second world’s-first product we announce in the span of three months incorporating Mixel interface technology. Mixel continues to maintain its leadership in the MIPI IP market while living up to its ‘First time success is the rule, no exception’ track record,” said Ashraf Takla, Mixel President and CEO. “We are delighted that the mobile industry supply chain can now support 3D vision, employing MIPI interface technology from Mixel, using this pioneering ECT product.”

Mixel will be demonstrating the five MIPI IP, integrated into the final 3D product, at the MIPI Alliance face-to-face meeting in Seoul, Korea, March 13th, 2012. At the same event, Mixel will be demonstrating its D-PHY DSI, D-PHY CSI, and M-PHY products in multiple platforms, with a number of its Mixel’s MIPI Central partners, such as Agilent, Graphin, Northwest Logic, Tektronix, and VLSI+.


About Mixel:

Mixel is a leading provider of mixed-signal IPs and offers a wide portfolio of high-performance mixed-signal connectivity IP solutions. Mixel’s mixed-signal portfolio includes PHYs and SerDes, such as MIPI D-PHYSM, MIPI M-PHY®, MIPI C-PHYSMLVDS, and many dual mode PHY supporting multiple standards. Mixel was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with global operation to support a worldwide customer base. For more information contact Mixel at or visit You can also follow Mixel on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, or YouTube.

About Enhanced Chip Technology (ECT):

ECT is a leading chip solution provider for stereoscopic 3D market. The ECT 315H is ECT’s flagship 3D chip supporting application areas in 3D TV, 3D smart phone, 3D Notebook PC, 3D Monitor, and 3D web cam.

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