Mixel Celebrates 10 Years of Mixed-Signal Excellence

Leader in Mobile Mixed-Signal IP Reaches 10-Year Milestone Serving IP Customers Worldwide

San Jose, CA – (BUSINESS WIRE, May 19, 2009) – Mixel® Inc., the leader in mobile Mixed-Signal IPs, announced today that it is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. Mixel, incorporated in 1999, has steadily expanded its customer base and product offerings, through organic growth, over the last 10 years. Mixel is privately held and has been consistently profitable since its inception. Even during the current downturn, Mixel continues to experience growth and a strong demand for its mixed-signal IP products.

“The tenth anniversary is an important milestone, particularly in the IP business, where stability of the IP is important”

“Mixed-signal excellence is what Mixel has been about since its inception. Ten years later, our passion for excellence is unwavering and is evident in everything we do,” said Ashraf Takla, CEO and President of Mixel Inc. “The key to our success is not only the outstanding quality of our products, but also the close partnership we nurture with each of our customers,” he added.

Mixel began with a laser like focus on providing the best IP possible, and has retained that core value through its 10 years in business. Since its launch, Mixel has expanded its customer base to include FPGA, ASIC, ASSP and Fabless Semiconductor companies. Mixel has developed and ported its IP to the leading foundries worldwide, expanding its product reach to many different designs in many different process technologies.

Mixel’s growing portfolio of mixed-signal mobile PHYs such as MIPI® and MDDI, High-speed SerDes, and PLLs all deliver high performance, high yield, and low-power, in a small silicon footprint. Along with providing a complete set of IP deliverables to make IP integration easy, Mixel stays with the customer right to production, assuring customer success through the backing of its R&D team.

“The tenth anniversary is an important milestone, particularly in the IP business, where stability of the IP is important,” Ashraf said. “I am very excited about Mixel’s future, as we continue to grow and attract outstanding Mixed-Signal talent and tier-one customers. We look forward to even more accelerated growth during the next ten years and beyond,” he added.

About Mixel:

Mixel is a leading provider of mixed-signal IPs and offers a wide portfolio of high-performance mixed-signal connectivity IP solutions. Mixel’s mixed-signal portfolio includes PHYs and SerDes, such as MIPI D-PHYSMMIPI M-PHY®, MIPI C-PHYSMLVDS, and many dual mode PHY supporting multiple standards. Mixel was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with global operation to support a worldwide customer base. For more information contact Mixel at info@mixel.com or visit www.mixel.com. You can also follow Mixel on LinkedInTwitterFacebook, or YouTube.

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