IP Cores


Mixel’s Silicon proven IP cores are readily available for integration into your products and are highly configurable for a wide range of applications. This allows you to develop your new systems rapidly, while dramatically reducing your risk, your time-to-market, and slashing your development and manufacturing cost.

Our designs are robust and modular to facilitate IP core porting and customization. This enables us to meet your unique and demanding requirements in the shortest possible time with minimal risk.

We have designed, characterized, and transferred to production our semiconductor IP cores at several leading foundries like TSMC, UMC, GlobalFoundries, SMIC, and Tower, in many process technology nodes.

Please Contact Us for detailed technical information, licensing options, customization, and support services. You can also use this Register Form to quickly obtain basic information about our IP cores.


  • Specifications
  • LVS netlist
  • LEF file
  • Verilog Model
  • Timing Model
  • Integration Guidelines
  • RTL
  • Documentation