About Mixel

Mixel is a leading provider of mixed-signal mobile IPs. We offer a wide portfolio of high-performance mixed-signal connectivity solutions.

Mixel’s mixed-signal portfolio includes PHYs and SerDes, such as MIPI® PHYs (D-PHYSM, C-PHYSM, and M-PHY®), LVDS, and Multi-standard SerDes cores.


Mixel, Inc. is privately held and located in Silicon Valley. Founded in 1998, Mixel’s purpose has always been to minimize customer’s risk, dramatically reduce your time-to-market, differentiating your products, while increasing the reliability of your products with application-focused, process-tolerant IP cores.

Our mission is to provide our customers and partners with outstanding mixed-signal, silicon-proven IP cores, creating in the process a differentiating technology that sets your products apart.

Our IPs have been integrated into many of today’s most exciting applications, such as mobile platforms, automotive, IoT, VR, and wearables, among many others.

Mixel’s IPs have been integrated by hundreds of customers all over the globe into thousands of products over many years.

Our goal is to deliver high-quality products, on time and at a reasonable cost, while providing innovative and patentable mixed-signal circuits and systems to IC designers.

We offer outstanding customer support at every phase of the project, from product inception, through development and transfer-to-production. Because of that, we are in the enviable position of having our customers become our best advocates.

First-time success is the rule – no exceptions.